Barbican Conservatory Engagement Shoot | Henry & Kim

Nov 15, 2018Couples

An Urban Greenhouse for a London Engagement Shoot in the Barbican Centre Conservatory


The Barbican Centre is hands down one of my favourite places in London, and I’m a little obsessed with greenhouses so a wedding or engagement shoot in the Barbican Conservatory has always been high on my wishlist! Well, some wishes do come true! I joined Henry & Kim in the Barbicans beautiful conservatory on a fairly busy Sunday afternoon. Despite the crowds, we were able to find a quiet spot to get started. One of the reasons I love photographing in the conservatory (besides it being a mixture of concrete and greenery that kinda makes me feel like I’m in Jurassic Park) is that it has lots of different lovely spots that are perfect for photos. So many of them are tucked away making it easy to avoid being photobombed by the general public. My favourite part is the succulent room and I managed to find a quiet time to take Henry & Kim inside for a few photos.

Even though I’m primarily a documentary wedding photographer, I do love photographing creative couples portraits. My approach to engagement shoots is always to focus on the couple’s connection, rather than using props or doing contrived poses (no love heart hands here!). Henry & Kim were super affectionate with each other so once they were relaxed capturing some beautiful moments between them was a breeze! Henry & Kim are from Austraila and are currently travelling around Europe together. This was their first time visiting the Barbican Centre, so this shoot also gave them a bit of a chance to explore. I’m so glad I got to be a part of their awesome adventure!


  If you’re thinking about having an engagement shoot in a greenhouse, or planning an awesome wedding anywhere get in touch! I’d love to hear your plans!