FaceTime Portrait Sessions

I’ve been staying creative in lockdown by doing FaceTime portrait sessions. Its been a really fun way to connect with people and take some beautiful portraits without ever leaving the comfort of my bedroom! I also get to travel all over the country/world and have a nosey at peoples houses, which, judging by the amount of interior inspiration accounts I follow on Instagram, is clearly one of my fave things to do!

“But what do I get out of it?” I hear you cry! You get to spend 30-45mins in one of your fave outfits (or PJ’s) having your photos taken in all of the cool spots of your home, while talking to a disembodied voice and looking at back of your phone! It’s a surreal experience for these surreal times, but its also loads of fun and the final result is great. Basically you get to have a bunch of photos of yourself looking awesome taken by a professional photographer without ever having to leave your house.

Sounds like something you might be into? Great! Just head to my calendar below to book your session.

If you’re in a different time zone and theres no slot available that works for you or if you’d like to use the power of facetime to help your business please just send me an email via hello@marnivphotography.co.uk and we can work something out.

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