Documentary Wedding Photographer- Best of 2019!

Apr 3, 2020Featured, Weddings

Manchester wedding photographer – Best of 2019


Well, I definitely should have written this post months ago, at the beginning of 2020 when everything felt a lot less shit! But hey, I was busy. And now quarantine has given me an abundance of free time 😩. On a more positive note going through all of these images has been a beautiful reminder of why I love my job. 2019 was a year that, despite what might have been happening personally/politically, was still filled with an abundance of love and joy. And it feels so important right now to seek out and be grateful for those moments of laughter happiness and togetherness.

I think I actually managed to cram a lot into 2019! I moved house twice, saw loads of live music, visited Italy twice (once for work, once for fun). I connected with lots of wonderful wedding suppliers at Brunchfest and learnt from some incredibly talented photographers at SNAP photography festival. Photographed weddings all over the UK as well as in Italy and France. I also finally launched the branding/portrait photography side of my business. I spent some quality time with my family in Dominica and had a busy winter performing with SHE Choir Manchester. Writing a list of all the lovely things I did last year has filled me with gratitude and hope.

I dunno about you, but I cannot wait to get emotional during a ceremony, crack up laughing during some speeches or throw some shapes on a dancefloor! I still have some availability left for 2021 so if you’re looking for a wedding photographer I’d love to hear from you.

So, here it is folks, as many of the lovely moments of 2019’s wonderful weddings as I could squeeze into a 3 min slideshow! I hope that it makes you smile and maybe even makes you feel excited about your own wedding, especially if you’ve had to postpone it.

Enjoy x

If you’d prefer to take a look at them at your own pace then feast your eyes on all the images below!

An adult and a child race on space hoppers during a wedding at Sharpham House
Wedding party gets photobombed by a man on a scooter as they pose for a portrait in front of canal boat in Kings Cross
Bride and her bridesmaids do a silly pose in the woodland wedding ceremony area of Lineham Farm
Bride and groom pose in front of the ban doors at The Normans
Newlywed couple walk hand in hand through London Sky Garden
Newlywed grooms hold hands and smile in front of a yellow door in Shrewsbury
Bride and groom cuddle, surrounded by potted plants at their Pendle Heritage Centre Wedding
Guest laughs as she plays croquet on the lawn during a wedding at Lineham Farm
Guests hug and laugh during a Lineham Farm wedding
Bride and Groom kiss in the doorway of The Depot N7
Groom high fives guests as he enters the yurt for his reception at Ilkley Golf Club
A guest holds up a novelty 'royal wedding' style tea towel
Bride laughs enthusiastically during her bridesmaids speech
bride laughs at groom during their joint speech at Belair House
Bride and groom sat a a table with their family laughing during the speeches of their outdoor wedding
Groom kisses bride as she sits on the stage during his speech
guests laugh and raise a hand as they sit round a table during a wedding at The Klondyke
guests laugh during speeches at a wedding in The Depot N7
Bride hides her face on her grooms shoulder laughing at the speeches
Groom and his father stand and clink glasses during a wedding breakfast in Belair House
Guests look at each other affectionally during a wedding
guest raises her hands in the air during speeches
Groom's laugh together during their wedding speeches
a bridesmaid laughs during her speech at a wedding in HOMEmcr
Grooms mother affectionately touches his face as he enters his wedding reception at Shrewsbury Morris Hall
toddler squeezes her dads face as he lifts her up
a group of guests raise their glasses during speeches at a wedding in HOMEmcr
Bride hugs a guest during their alfresco wedding breakfast at Sharpham House
Wedding guest in a sequinned jacket raises both his hands in the air enthusiastically
Bride and Groom sit in front of the bar at The Depot N7 during their wedding
Guests all raise their glasses in celebration at a wedding in The Depot N7
groom hugs the brides mother as the bride looks on happily

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