Manchester Hall wedding complete with surprise confetti, a Kylie mashup, and a flash mob

07 June, 2024

To match the luxury of the venue, a Manchester Hall wedding has to be grand: but Stephen and Phil’s wedding was grandeur and then some. At every juncture it was so obvious how much love they had for their family and friends, but also how much their family and friends had for them; which is no mean feat when your guestlist is 200 people strong! 

Throughout the whole day and well into the night they showed up and showed out, resulting in so many moments of surprise and joy and magic. I’m talking glitter, I’m talking Kylie, I’m talking flash mobs. Oh yeah, baby! 

Manchester Hall wedding venue

Manchester Hall wedding venue is a Grade II listed building that’s recently undergone refurbishment, meaning it now combines its breathtaking original features with stunning new modern fittings. The result is a space that oozes old school glamour without stuffiness and can host events that are elegant but also exuberant. This was totally perfect for Stephen and Phil’s day!

Pre-wedding drinks

As a wedding photographer, a lot of my work starts with a couple of hours photographing one member (or both members) of the couple getting ready, but Stephen and Phil wanted some time to themselves before the wedding so I joined at the very tail end of their prep, when they were just having their buttonholes fixed. 

We then got a ‘first look’ at their ceremony room and reception rooms all set up, before making our way to the bar to have a drink with their guests pre-ceremony. (This is a great idea if you’re feeling self-conscious about all the eyes being on you as you walk down the aisle, or even if you just fancy seeing your pals like Stephen and Phil did!) 

An emotional ceremony

Now, you may notice some very special guests at this Manchester Hall wedding: the one and only Madonna and Kylie Minogue. Stephen and Phil’s friends surprised them with life-sized cardboard cutouts of the icons on the day, and they took pride of place at the side of the room (Sidenote: it was hilarious seeing where they ended up throughout the day!).

The ceremony was beautifully emotional, with Stephen and Phil walking down the aisle together and a friend singing whilst they signed the register (peep Kylie and Madonna swapping position halfway through!) 

Cocktail hour on the roof

Once Stephen and Phil were pronounced husband and husband, it was time to celebrate so we headed up to the rooftop – with a pitstop for group shots and some pretty regal-looking quick portraits in one of the magnificent rooms, if I do say so myself. 

If you’re planning a Manchester Hall wedding during the warmer months, I’d definitely recommend having the rooftop as part of your celebrations – it’s such a cool spot with an epic industrial backdrop of the city. We actually hung around on the rooftop for some portraits after everyone had gone to take their seats for dinner – but back to the cocktail hour, for a moment: Stephen and Phil’s friends surprised them with a confetti throw, which was like joy squared (Confetti = joy, surprise = joy, confetti + surprise = joy squared…that’s maths, right?) 

Dinner, dancing…and so much more

After a delicious meal and some tear-jerking speeches, as well as a couple more portraits in the gorgeous early evening light, it was time to open the dancefloor. For their first dance Stephen and Phil had chosen a mashup of the Abbey Road acoustic version and the pop/dance version of Love At First Sight by Kylie Minogue. As if this wasn’t iconic enough, they also finished with a big gold confetti release, and the entrance of a brass band as a surprise for their guests! 

They also had a glitter and face paint artist who had their work cut out for them from the word go, as everyone got glitzed (So. Many. Glitter. Beards.) It looked fab glinting in the light as they all cut about the dancefloor!

This Manchester Hall wedding day held one final surprise from the guests: a dance flash mob. Stephen and Phil’s reaction was a picture – quite literally – and they were overjoyed! 

Rule number one: you gotta have fun

If there’s one thing to take away from this Manchester Hall wedding, it’s: have fun on your wedding day. (Followed closely by: Manchester Hall weddings are great, if you’re on the hunt for a venue.) From the very start Stephen and Phil were so ready to have the best time, and their guests really had made sure joy was the order of the day with all of their surprises. The love they all had for one another was palpable, and it was a super special thing to be a part of – so Stephen, Phil, thank you for having me! 

If you’re planning a Manchester Hall wedding – or somewhere else, whether in Manchester or beyond – and are looking for a photographer to capture it in all of its glory, then I’d love to chat. You can get in touch here to tell me your plans (Kylie and Madonna cutouts not compulsory, but always encouraged!)


Venue: Manchester Hall

Suits: Marc Darcy

Cake: Classic Cakes Reddish

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