Get to know me

That’s me, barefoot, on a beach, taking photos! I might be a city girl, but I love the sea. Here’s a bunch of other random facts about me.

My names Ahmani, but literally everyone I know (including my parents) calls me Marni or some other nickname (some of them are a bit odd, maybe if I meet you I’ll tell you a few).

I’m actually a Londoner. I was born and raised in Camden Town, but I currently live in Manchester in an apartment filled with plants that are kept alive by my lovely flatmate!

I’m a secret romantic, but not in a cheesy rom-com kind of way! My favourite films are ‘Amelie’ and ‘I’m a Cyborg But That’s Ok’ so maybe I just really like stories about quirky people falling in love.

I’m obsessed with prints. Stripes, spots, florals, crazy patterns, love them all! My wardrobe is a colourful mismatched collection of prints. 

I studied photography at uni, where I spent three years in the darkroom becoming increasingly paler! It taught me nothing about photographing weddings (I gained my wedding knowledge via workshops and experience), but it did push me creatively and I doubt I would have been passionate enough about photography to turn it into a profession if I hadn’t gone.

I’m slightly obsessed with the Barbican Centre, particularly the conservatory, it’s like an awesome urban jungle, and I’m a massive plant lover (but notoriously bad at keeping them alive!) If you haven’t been yet, go! If/when I win the lottery I’m definitely moving in!

I’m a big bookworm, I can spend days getting lost in a book. Reading is my happy place. One day I’ll have a library room (In my fancy Barbican apartment obviously!)

When I’m not working you can find me binge-watching series on Netflix (my taste ranges from gritty documentaries to cheesy high school dramas!), listening to comical podcasts (My Dad Wrote a Porno and Mortified are both great options) or attending my favourite prosecco fulled pottery class (its called Piss Pots! you can’t beat a good pun!)

If I sound like the kind of person you would love to hang out with on your wedding day  (or any other day!) then you should definitely get in touch.

wish list

(things that will make me as happy as my mum, sis and I are in that pic!)

I’m big on couples injecting a lot of their personality into their wedding outfits, so I’d be super excited about:

*A bride in a colourful dress

* A bride wearing something other than a dress

*A groom wearing print (or everyone wearing print!)

I love a quirky urban venue, and I’d particularly like to photograph a wedding in:

*The Barbican Conservatory (obviously!)

   *The boiler house, Cardiff

*Victoria Baths, Manchester

*Sefton Park Palm House, Liverpool

*Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield

*The Deaf Institute, Manchester (it was one of my favourite spots during my uni days, and I’ve just found out they do weddings!)

Did I mention I love to travel? I’m pretty happy to go anywhere but I’d be over the moon to photograph a wedding in:

* Santorini    * Tuscany * Morroco    * Iceland * New Zealand   * Norway

* Dubrovnik     * Any Carribean Island

If you’re planning a wedding that will turn something from my Wish List from a sweet fantasy to a beautiful reality, then i wanna hear all about it! I’ll even give you a special quote.

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